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After operating successful restaurants and hotels we know the challenges that restaurant managers face on a daily basis. Monitoring your staff, maintaining high standards of service, delivering quality food and getting to know your customer all at the same time is a difficult job.

Restaurant survey tablet (RST) gives you the tools you need to combat negative situations, encourage positive reviews, increase your marketing initiatives, grow your mailing list and drive more social media engagement. RST provides you with helpful tools and professional marketing tips along the way to maximize your entire experience with restaurant survey tablet.

Restaurant survey tablet is your virtual assistant to bringing your service and marketing to excellence! It's no wonder that our slogan "It's everything you need to know" is really what we're all about.

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Social Media

Online social recommendation websites have the power to make or break your business.


Restaurant survey tablet is an easy way to build your email list and build a larger channel for effective email marketing

Live Results

The urgent alert features allows the manager to act quickly to fix the problem before the guest has left the restaurant.

Service scoring

Monitor how your staff is doing with our easy service scoring report.

Follow Up

Guest Relations Managers now have the opportunity to follow up with the guests after their experience.


Organize a custom dashboard for automated reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for each category.