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Category Archives: Features

Social Media

Take control of your online reputation and improve your ratings on important web sites like Yelp, Open Table and Trip advisor.... Improve & optimize your online reputation The internet has become the strongest tool for finding the best dining choices. As restaurant owners, we rely heavily on social media and recommendation websites to bring us business. RST can help…
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Service Scoring

Restaurant Survey Tablet shows you  "Everything you need to know"... Reports and Scoring systems Monitor how your staff is doing with our easy to set up reporting systems. Guest feedback gets compiled into a scoring system so you can see which waiters are doing great and who needs improvement.  Operating Reports Reports can be generated for…
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Restaurant Survey Tablet routinely shares marketing tips and tools on how to get the full benefit from restaurant survey tablet.... Restaurant Survey Tablet offers regular updates and invitations to join free seminars and exclusive webinars conducted by professional marketing consultants and industry leaders sharing their experience and success stories. After all your continued success is our…
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Follow Up

Show you really care about your guests by thanking them or taking the time to apologize if there was any dissatisfaction during their experience... Email follow up with guests Guest Relations Managers now have the opportunity to follow up with the guests before and after they leave the restaurant. This is a strong management strategy…
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Live Results

Our user friendly survey tablet provides live reviews instantly while the guest is still in the restaurant... Easy to use Live Guest Survey  It only takes a short period of time for the guest to fill it out and best of all, it eliminates the use of paper and improper handwriting will never be an…
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