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Social Media

Take control of your online reputation and improve your ratings on important web sites like Yelp, Open Table and Trip advisor....

Improve & optimize your online reputation

The internet has become the strongest tool for finding the best dining choices. As restaurant owners, we rely heavily on social media and recommendation websites to bring us business. RST can help you take control of your online reputation by giving you the tools to know the type of experience your guest had before they left the restaurant. 

Take Control of your reviews

Satisfied customers usually report positive experiences thus improving your online reputation. But, unhappy guests will always go out of their way to write something negative, especially if they felt ignored or no one cared! With RST this will never happen as everything is automated in order to help you gain better control. 

Increase social media engagement

Take the opportunity to ask your guests to join your social network. Encourage them to share photos, check in and write reviews!

Improve ratings on important websites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Open Table

Online social media and review websites have the power to make or break your business. Take it seriously with RST as everything is automated and your guests will always be recognized - weather they had a good experience or not.

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